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Mapping, attracting, engaging Scientific Diasporas

Last week, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada took place CSPC2015 – a  symposium to discuss the topic of diaspora scientists and their potential to strengthen international science and technology collaboration in Canada.

We were invited to share some ideas on how to map, attract and engage Diaspora scientists. You’ll find our presentation below.

About NamSor

NamSor™ Applied Onomastics is a European vendor of Name Recognition Software (NamSor sorts names). NamSor mission is to help understand international flows of money, ideas and people.

Reach us at: contact@namsor.com

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International Financial Places gathered at Europlace2015 in Paris

Last week, about 1700 people attended Paris Europlace International Financial Forum. We’ve used NamSor API to figure out the attendants’ likely international profiles and found the audience to be very diverse.


Several good reasons for that,

  • The European Focus of the agenda, essential at a time when the Greek deal was still in negotiation. For example, integration in the Capital Markets was extensively discussed during ‘European Capital Markets Union (CMU), How to Foster Economic Growth?’,
  • The participation of several International Financial Centers and Investment Promotion Agencies (in the dedicated roundtable ‘International Financial Centers: Boosting New Financing Channels’, but also in the audience),
  • Diverse panels invited by the organisers to reflect the international orientation of the Paris Financial Center (although there is still a gender gap: ~25% women speakers) but also to pave the way for COP21, one the largest high-profile international conference to take place in Paris in December 2015.

To be noted: very few attendants / speakers from Greece or Iran, both countries that made the headlines in the following days.

Greece (and the Greeks) were also absent of the OECD Forum earlier this year, as if the World had given up on Greek economists/politicians/business people taking control of their country’s destiny – and having failed to engage the Greek Diaspora too.

As for Iran, yesterday’s historic deal means – if it goes all the way to getting the sanctions lifted- that we’re likely to see more Persian names in international forums that will be organized in 2016. Who is curious to discover who are the top Iranian economists today, the names you’re likely to see on panels of economic conferences tomorrow?

Join our web conference on “who’s who in the world’s top economists” and how they can help attract FDIs to YOUR country, taking place next week, Wednesday 22nd, 5PM (Paris Time). [registration]

About FDIMagnet,

FDI Magnet is NamSor™ offering for Investment Promotion. We use our unique data mining software to offer differentiated Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) services:

–   Diaspora Direct Investments (DDI)
–   Smart Investors Targeting & CRM
–   FDI Targeted Communication

Follow @FDIMagnet, join the LinkedIn group or email us at contact@fdimagnet.com

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Feeling inspired by InspireFest2015

Two weeks ago, Elena Rossini and I have been invited by SiliconRepublic to present our brand new study on the ‘Gender Gap in Science‘ at InspireFest in Dublin. It was a new, inspiring event about Science, Tech and Innovation – with about 70% women speakers. I was part of the 30% men speakers and I deeply enjoyed the conference content, so I want to share some of my takeaways with you.

1. Some leaders are born women

Please, pause and reflect one second on this title.

It summarizes, I think, why both men and women should care about gender equality.

We all seek freedom and social justice: the right to apply our skills and use our full potential for the benefit of ourselves and others.

We share a common interest in having the best leader in charge: in a project team, a company, a city or a country, the performance of the leader impacts all of us.

Shelly Porges shared the lessons she learned about leadership from the former US first lady and secretary of state Hillary Clinton. If you are a man and you lead, be a great leader: have a vision; take risks; adapt; elevate others. If you are a woman and you lead, be a great leader: have a vision; take risks; adapt; elevate others.

Watch the video

2. Human talent cannot be confined

Women of Iran have found ways to express their talent despite many obstacles put in their way: through digital gateways, virtually crossing the artificial boundaries of a country’s border; or physically crossing those borders through emigration, expressing their skills in Diaspora.

In the ‘Gender Gap in Science‘ study we mention Maryam Mirzakhani, a Professor at Stanford University who was born and raised in Iran and was the first woman mathematician to be awarded with a Fields Medal (a mathematician’s “Nobel Prize”).

Dr Nina Ansary used a powerful video to introduce the amazing profiles of other high achieving Iranian women.

Watch the video

Many of these women form a part of what Kingsley Aikins, an Irish expert on Diaspora matters, calls: ‘Diaspora Capital’. But many countries fail to engage their Diaspora – as the first condition is to establish trust. It will take time before these immensely talented women, as many ‘jewels’ shining in Diaspora or in the digitally connected world can effectively participate to the economic, cultural and scientific development of their country of origin.

3. Do social good, but make a ####load of money too!

Last but not least, Cindy Gallop gave the audience very practical advice to all of us, social entrepreneurs. Make a difference in the world, but make money in the way.

Cindy Gallop is a woman in advertising, founder and former chair of the US branch of advertising firm Bartle Bogle Hegarty, and founder of the IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn, a ‘pro-sex, pro-porn and pro-knowing the difference’ entrepreneurial venture.

Watch the video

Thank you!

Thank you, dear Ann O’Dea for inviting us to Dublin, after a single meeting in Paris. Thank you, fellow InspireFest speakers for sharing your wisdom. Thank you, dear reader for spending a few minutes reading about InspireFest and perhaps considering participating to the 2016 edition.

You will find the full study ‘Gender Gap in Science’ below

The #GenderDataRevolution is launched, there is no stopping it.

@ElianCARSENAT, founder @NamSor_com, co-founder @GenderGapGrader

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