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French-born terrorist Gilles Le Guen captured in northern Mali

The French-born terrorist Gilles Le Guen, a sailor originally from Brittany, was captured in northern Mali. His Arab name, after he converted to Islam, is Abdel Jelil ( عبد الجليل ).

After the Boston tragedy, this is another illustration of the benefits of onomastics for security agencies:  recognizing a name from Brittany amongst other names in a troubled place of the world ; distinguishing a name from Chechnya from other kinds of names from the Russian Federation or Kazakhstan.

Further reading about pebbles or Tsarnaev Brothers: The right kind of Caucasian.


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Onomastics to monitor Russian media

Business intelligence firm AESMA used NamSor name recognition software to analyze the coverage by the Russian media of Arab personalities and businesses, between January 2004 and March 2013, using database INTEGRUM.

Arab People In Russian Media (2013)




About NamSor

NamSor™ Applied Onomastics is a European vendor of Name Recognition Software (NamSor sorts names). NamSor mission is to help understand international flows of money, ideas and people.

Reach us at: contact@namsor.com


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