Chinese Name Gender Guesser API

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Gendre API, the online free service to predict the gender of a personal name, now supports Chinese names.20140327_GenderAPI_Chinese_Teaser_vF

The need for such a service is not immediately obvious, since most Internet companies in China have access to PRC’s National identification number database, with an odd/even number indicating respectively Male/Female with 100% accuracy.

The API is in the form api/gendre/firstName/lastName/countryIso2 and returns a value in range -1(Male)..+1 (Female). Let’s try with 周声涛and 张淑珍:

The API also works with traditional characters used in Taiwan, for example 張淑珍

To predict the likely gender of a Chinese name, Gendre is currently using Wudi’s Gender Guesser data file with rewritten code.

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